About Dr Kalinowska, DDS

Dr Kalinowska-Szyszka DDS

 Dr Szyszka holds a passion for dentistry which is reflected in the perfection of expert-level dental procedures she performs on a daily basis as well as in the thousands of smiling and satisfied patients treated throughout the years.

Dr. Szyszka’s dental career began in her home country of Poland where in 1986 she graduated as one of the top performing students from the Warsaw Medical Academy with a degree in dentistry.

Operating 3 practices in Poland, Dr. Szyszka was well known for her expertise and definite attention to detail within her work. After 13 years of treating patients in her place of birth, the Doctor, along with her husband and four year old son, relocated to their new home in Pinellas County Florida.

With this change of scenery came hard work, as the Doctor was accepted into the highly selective Foreign Trained Dentist Program at the University of Florida, from which she graduated with Outstanding Academic Achievement Award and was then certified and licensed to practice dentistry in the beautiful state of Florida.

 Dr Szyszka’s current office is located in Tarpon Springs, Florida in 2013.

Dr. Szyszka and her team sincerely wish to make you one of our highly satisfied clients and do our best to make your smile shine it’s brightest.